Real Estate of the Future
Housing is at the root of health, education, opportunity, and prosperity and revolutionary housing development unlocks human potential. Scott Huish applies technology to the acquisition, development, and management of real estate and housing.
Scott Huish Principles:

1. Total lifestyle is key to community
2. Variety is necessary for a balanced life
3. Diversity and inclusion for all

Scott Huish PropTech

Welcome to my personal site discussing PropTech and real estate of the future. I hope you enjoy this journey as we apply technology to our living spaces and improve our communities.

About Scott Huish 


An experienced CEO focused on real estate and technology with a global perspective. He has directed technology driven companies in various real estate related industries including agriculture, energy, construction, and finance.


Completed advanced education at Harvard (Sustainable Business Strategy), London School of Economics and Political Science (Business, International Relations and the Global Economy) and University of Oxford (Executive MBA). 

Prop Tech

A technology and innovation focus on real estate. Objective is to help build communities that are beautiful, responsible, and desirable for the modern consumer with smart technologies and modular manufacturing. 

PropTech Examples


    Modular and your Forever Home

    ‘This forever home can be yours whether you choose to remain in one location with changing needs, or whether you choose to move around the world.’

    PropTech and the Future of Real Estate

    ‘Physical space is merging with digital technology in what is being referred to as PropTech, or Property Technology.’

    Global Citizens and the Lightweight Lifestyle

    ‘This ‘asset light’ mindset is acutely sensitive to the tediousness of owning things and is more prone to borrow, rent and share.’

    Top 10 Reasons Modular Housing is the Future

    ‘It is estimated that generation Z will spend over 1/2 of their gross income during their first decade working on rent.’

    Empty Rooms and Transforming Spaces

    If rooms and buildings could be utilized for multiple purposes, rather than a single use, there would be significant economic and ecologic benefits.

    Affordable Housing – Lessons from the Model T

    ‘Why does it cost more to build a living room than a car? …$48,000 and $37,185 respectively…’

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